baby doll in an oak tree

How Mindfulness Helped my Trying to Conceive Journey

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. I stand by all products I promote, as I have already tried them and have liked them.

baby doll in an oak tree
One of many signs I watched for while trying to conceive. Yeah, I have a slightly superstitious side.

The term “baby fever” used to strike me as kind of ridiculous. Then hubby and I decided we were ready to add a human child to our household. Now, when you’re over 35, and you decide to start trying, you get an odd mix of unexpected comments like “it’s going to be SO HARD” and “age is just a number”. When you hit 40, though, you get “you’re going to need to get fertility treatments” and of course the implication you’re too old. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten life doesn’t end at 25.

Protip: Google with care. All that did was introduce anxieties over early menopause, despite the fact I’d never skipped a cycle to date.

The anxiety and wish for that positive test just kept circling and circling. I knew I had to do something about it. So, I switched my keywords up and instead started looking for mind-body guided meditation. It had worked for me in the past for other things, why wouldn’t it work for me now?

That search yielded a blog entry about a program called Circle and Bloom. They had originally released programs about healing from cancer, but they’ve shifted their focus to helping optimize fertility with mind-body guided meditation techniques.

I first tried the free guided meditation and felt so much better afterwards.

I figured, why not? If it can help me calm down, it’ll be worth the money. I bit the proverbial bullet and ordered the Natural Cycle for Fertility program.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised at how they combined the biological mechanisms of how our bodies prepare for the next cycle even as we’re shedding uterine lining right through ovulation and when the fertilized egg attaches. Although I have a background in mindfulness, I tend to approach a lot of things with a grain of salt.

Still, I started the program as soon as I started my next period and loved it. The ambiance was perfect to soothe my restless brain and the scientific information giving both matched what I already knew and reassured me that things were going as they should be. I had to keep gently setting my inner skeptic aside and let go of the urge to obsess over tracking everything.

At roughly 11 or 12 days past expected ovulation, I had my first positive pregnancy test! While I wouldn’t give complete credit to the program, as I was doing a few other things, I absolutely believe it helped immensely with my mental health. It was not only interesting to learn more tidbits about the subtleties of how my body worked but so relaxing to feel like I could just let things go and trust they’ll work as they should.

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve started using their Healthy Pregnancy program and will be trying a couple other programs shortly. I strongly suggest checking out their offerings. They have programs for IUI, IVF, PCOS, and a number of other things, too. Definitely check out their free program first to see if you like how it’s done and if you do decide to go for it, save 20% by using the coupon code EmiliePeck20.

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